Here are Web Sites of friends and other sites that I think are worth a visit.
The Gallery Shop - Kalamazoo Institute of Arts I have work for sale in the Gallery Shop in Kalamazoo.

Julie Devers, my mentor and fellow potter. Julie is a gifted and talented potter. One of her areas of focus is the Anagama - a Japanese wood fired kiln

Here is the web site of my friend Sue Thomson. Sue is the owner of Livingstone Studio on Beaver Island - where I  sell my pots (Sue is also a very gifted artist)

This is the link to the Daybreak Gallery & Studio in Manistee Michigan where I have my work.

My good friend and fellow potter Susan McHenry

Here is my friend Heidi Fahrenbacher's web site.

The Kalamazoo Institute of Art -  When I grow up I want to go to this festival for a month.  Linda Arbuckle - very good AND offers so much information.  I really like Akira Sarake's pots I am friends with Shiho Kanzaki on facebook, he is a master of the anagama. I like his work a lot, he is worth checking out.